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About Lynn Gravatt

Lynn Gravatt is a Spiritual Guide and Quantum Coach, is the creator of the Purpose Embodiment Method. After obtaining a Master’s Degree and woking as a corporate Aerospace Engineer with Honeywell, NASA, and Boeing, a spiritual awakening inspired her to fully live her purpose.

She merges a technical background with profound spiritual insights and technologies to guide other scientifically minded individuals in aligning their Day Job and their Divine Purpose within the often disconnected corporate world.

She supports her clients in:

✓ Relieving mental stress, doubt, anxiety, and burnout and fostering a deeply felt sense of purpose and joy.

✓ Establishing for authenticity, self-care, and boundary-setting in professional and personal realms.

✓ Receiving clarity in defining and realizing diverse goals.

With over 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars dedicated to spiritual growth, she's a Kundalini Reiki Master, has immersed herself in deep purification rituals, multiple silent meditation retreats and was further enriched by six months in Peru's Sacred Valley.

Beyond her academic and spiritual endeavors, Lynn holds multiple somatic movement certifications and dazzles as a Dancer / Fire Spinner / Divine Creatrix and somatic movement specialist.

You CAN align your Day Job and

your Divine Purpose!

Are you a scientifically minded professional curious about spirituality? Do you feel unfulfilled despite your success and yearn for deeper meaning and alignment in your career and personal life?

Book your Purpose Clarity Call today!

In this 30-minute session, we'll:

✨ Uncover your deepest desires and what truly drives you

✨ Identify energy blocks that are holding you back

✨ Create a clear path towards aligning your purpose with your profession

You may feel lost and unsure where to turn for guidance. I understand because I've been there. Let me help you navigate this journey.

Don’t let another day go by feeling disconnected from your true self. This is your moment to start living a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Hundreds of Clients can't be wrong!

Hundreds of clients can’t be wrong

Lynn helped me move through that and clear the blocks and helped me gain some confidence and clarity about the next steps I wanted to take in terms of my future. I can now express my truth authentically and I feel more calm and centered when I'm faced with a challenging dynamic.

~Barb, 7 figure CEO & Mom of 2

I began to see relationships with my children changing. One word answers turned into sentences and pretty soon conversations. Lynn's program is a very authentic and holistic process that really opened up space for my children to come and be their authentic selves. I know this work will also transform the relationship with my future grandchildren!

~ Lissa, Healer & Mom of 4

Applying my own medicine to myself has been a challenge. Now I am so much more myself and excited about what the possibilities are. I feel more connected to spirit and I have a greater sense alignment with my purpose in a more specific way than I had been. Lynn's work is exactly channeled for you exactly based on your life story.

~ Robin, Solopreneur & Mom of 1

The Be On Purpose Podcast

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"Be on Purpose" features conversations with influential STEM leaders who are open to exploring the boundaries of technology and consciousness.

Our guests, from aerospace to AI, share their vision of a future where technology harmonizes with human well-being. We explore the 'PCs' - power, passion, purpose, creativity, compassion, and consciousness - and their impact in shaping our world.

This podcast is a heart-centered dialogue about conscious technology, aiming to inspire peace, hope, and excitement for a better future. It's a narrative for scientifically minded professionals and spiritual enthusiasts, focusing on a world where technology aligns with our highest values.

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Hello, I’m Lynn

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