"The Scientific Guide to the 7 Chakras," where the mystique of ancient wisdom meets the clarity of modern science. If you want to make a quantum leap in your career and skyrocket your person potential you are in the right place.

Embrace this journey to master the art of inner balance and outer achievement. The chakras hold the keys to unlocking your full potential. Mental Wellness, Alignment of your purpose and profession, and your embodiment as an authentic leader is within you!


About Lynn Gravatt

Lynn Gravatt, a Spiritual Guide and Quantum Coach, is the creator of the Atomic Power Process (APP). After obtaining a Master’s Degree and woking as a corporate Aerospace Engineer with Honeywell, NASA, and Boeing, a spiritual awakening inspired her to fully live her purpose.

She merges a technical background with profound spiritual insights and technologies to guide other scientifically minded individuals in aligning their Divine Purpose within the often disconnected corporate world.

She supports her clients in:

✓ Relieving mental stress, doubt, anxiety, and burnout and fostering a deeply felt sense of purpose and joy.

✓ Establishing for authenticity, self-care, and boundary-setting in professional and personal realms.

✓ Receiving clarity in defining and realizing diverse goals.

With over 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars dedicated to spiritual growth, she's a Kundalini Reiki Master, has immersed herself in deep purification rituals, multiple silent meditation retreats and was further enriched by six months in Peru's Sacred Valley.

Beyond her academic and spiritual endeavors, Lynn holds multiple somatic movement certifications and dazzles as a Dancer / Fire Spinner / Divine Creatrix and somatic movement specialist.